: 01494 785574 (UK)

Prophecy™ Demo Options

The only way to evaluate Prophecy versus your needs is via a demonstration.  Here are three ways to see our demand forecasting software in action, ranging from options you can access immediately, such as our YouTube channel through to a full, in-person demo either over the internet or on-site (UK-only).:

Telephone Data Perceptions on 01494 785574 (UK) to arrange an on-site Prophecy demonstration for you and your colleagues.

This is by far the best way to learn more about Prophecy!

If geography prevents an in-person on-site visit to demonstrate Prophecy, we are able to offer a scheduled live presentation / conference call over the internet where we can demonstrate Prophecy person to person.

Please click the 'Web Meeting' button.

Over the years we have produced a number of YouTube demos of Prophecy.  You can view them all here.

Please bear in mind that Prophecy is under constant development and we can't show all Prophecy's demand forecasting features in these videos!