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Video Demos - see Prophecy™ in action!

Here is a selection of Prophecy demo videos we have made over Prophecy's 20 year development timescale.  They provide (just) a flavour of the benefits Prophecy™ offers.

But remember, the best way to see Prophecy is via a person to person demo!  So please click here to arrange one.

These videos are best shown full screen. Hit f on your keyboard when the video starts playing, or click the icon on the bottom right of the video window.
Statistical Forecasting - Prophecy is tightly integrated with the widely use open source data science and statistical system, R. No knowledge of R is required to use Prophecy in 'Automatic' mode. Prophecy comes with numerous templates which allow the forecaster to use leading edge forecasting models.(4 mins 44 secs)
Multi-level Forecasting / Analysis - Prophecy fully supportsmulti-level forecasting.  It's forecast update screens let each user choose which items are displayed, from which levels, on which report axes.  Any level of nesting and axis orientation of the 'dimensions' of the data - products, customers, measures, time periods, forecast versions - is supported.  (2 mins 14 secs)
Data-entry rules - Use Prophecy 'rules' to spot items with missing prices, costs or any other rule you need, including data driven rules based on rate of sale or any other metric etc..  (7 mins 1 sec)
Multi-Cell Data Entry - Prophecy has numerous short-cuts and productivity enhancements that make forecast adjustment data-entry a breeze.  Here is just one example... multi-cell data entry.  (3 mins 29 sec)
R Integration for R Experts - Most users will want to use the 'protected'Automatic mode that protects them from the complexities of R code.  But if you need to get 'close to the  metal' Prophecy can export history to R, let you edit it using RStudio and bring the completed forecasts back into Prophecy.(7 mins 1 sec)
Extended Use of Attributes - Attributes are properties of products or customers.  This demo shows how Prophecy can create instant totals by attribute.  (3 mins 26 secs)
Introduction to Prophecy - Here is a 'vintage' video, providing a 5 minute general overview of several basic features of Prophecy.  The software has been under continuous development over more than 20 year.... these are just the basics!   (5 mins 7 secs)
Drilldown without 'Noise' - In a multi-user demand forecasting and planning solution it is can be difficult to limit the product selection to just those skus that are relevant to the entity (customer) you are currently forecasting.  Prophecy has a powerful and versatile 'data-driven selection' feature, which can select items using any criterion that can be applied in a background SQL query.  This video describes an extension of data-driven selections, which helps you drill down to only the items sold to the entity you are currently forecasting.  (4 mins 26 secs)
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