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5 reasons to use Prophecy for your demand forecasting ...

Prophecy is especially suitable for forecasting sales where:
  • Short to medium term forecasting is required for purchasing, production and inventory as well as financial planning / managing delivery of the sales plan against budgets.
  • The market is volatile and hard to forecast. Lots of promotional activity / competitive activity.
  • The '80:20' rule applies - i.e. 80% of your business goes to 20% of your customers. And, these are the customers which are hardest to forecast because they are the ones who run big promotions etc. and where competitor activity is most intense.
  • The Major Account Managers or Marketeers are the people in your organisation in the best position to forecast these customers.
  • You want to provide non-technical business users, such as Major Account Managers, with an easy to use tool to productively forecast and plan their sales....
  • ... whilst at the same time providing management with a 'top down' review and analysis process, possibly extended to revenue and profit in the same system, with comparisons to recent running rates, previous years and budgets etc..
  • Where a financial, as well as a volume perspective is required. Where planning for revenue and profit as well as getting the volume forecast right, is a strategic goal.

Prophecy will allow you to do all these things, is competitively priced, is easy to implement and and is proven in practice.

The business case for Prophecy is compelling, based on features, fit with difficult to forecast real-world markets, ease of use and low purchase / implementation costs.

All our customers confirm that Prophecy is the easiest to use demand forecasting software solution they've seen. If your users can use Microsoft Office products then they will be comfortable using Prophecy.

Please read our demand forecasting case study to learn how one company implemented Prophecy. Or read a collection of real user quotes about the benefits obtained from Prophecy, made once the system was up and running.

You can assess Prophecy's ease of use and power right now. Click this link to view our zero-install, self-running on-line demo in your web browser.

  • Volume forecasting should be integrated with financial forecasting, ongoing sales analysis and review versus plan, so that everyone is managing to the same operational and financial goal.
  • Prophecy lets you integrate volume demand forecasting with revenue and profit contribution planning and monitoring. Track forecasts versus Budgets and previous years within the same system for quantity, weight, revenue, gross profit or any other measure you need. Encapsulate the budget / plan / forecast / monitor / re-plan cycle within a single system.
  • Use your own range of business measures for selling prices, costs, alternate unit measures such as weight or litres etc.. All these 'facts' are modelled in Prophecy over your full hierarchy of products and customers.
  • Forecast. Then compare sales to date and future forecasts with previous years, budgets or targets using Prophecy's integrated pivot table style reporting, analysis and forecast update screens. At any combination of detail for products and customers.
  • Prophecy is an 'easy win '. It is focused on a high-profile, specific business area, is a self-contained demand forecasting and budgeting solution and is exceptionally easy to implement. Most organisations will get a positive ROI from Prophecy within the first year.
  • Load your historical actuals etc. via flexible 'learn by example' imports from any ODBC/OLEDB source or via delimited text files. No rekeying required!
  • Prophecy runs on any Windows platform, including Vista and Windows 7. It fully supports multiple user read-write operations against a single Prophecy database. It has no technical dependencies on other databases or software, other than the ability to source historical data from your core systems.
  • However, if you prefer to store your Prophecy database in a Microsoft SQL Server database instead of Prophecy's native database format then that too is possible.
  • Prophecy's granular security model allows by product, by customer, by measure level security to be applied for each user.
  • Prophecy is developed by Data Perceptions, a privately owned UK company. In addition to customers in the UK we have users within Europe, Asia and also in Australia.
  • Prophecy can be implemented quickly. We can provide consultancy and training to help you optimise your implementation, either on-site or via the internet. Typical implementation timescale is from 2 to a maximum of 10 days, including training, depending on the complexity of your database, data sources etc.. Please contact Data Perceptions if you would like to discuss this element, or any other aspect of Prophecy further.

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