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  Customer feedback...

Here is a collection of genuine comments we have received from existing Prophecy users over the years.

They are unattributed because they were made via emails.  Naturally, we 100% respect our customers' privacy and commercial confidentiality.

For fully attributed comments on our software and services, please see:

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"A fantastic tool..."

"Prophecy: A fantastic Tool...Easy to use / straight forward screen layouts on day to day work...Would certainly recommend a serious look and demonstration of this forecasting system. Customer service is without doubt, second to none !"

"Reduce time spent on..."

"My role, which encompasses the UK forecasting, has been greatly enhanced by the introduction of the Prophecy forecasting tool. It has helped me reduce the time spent on manual collation, thus increasing the time available for constructive analysis and increased accuracy".

"By far the most user friendly system..."

"Having been around the FMCG industry for a while, I have to admit that Prophecy is by far the most user friendly system I have encountered. Your more serious competitors in that space lag greatly when it comes to flexibility & slice & dice functionality ...".

"Informed business decisions..."

"Prophecy allows me to make informed business decisions when forecasting".

"An invaluable tool..."

"An invaluable tool in managing day to day business, and longer term planning"

Plan further into the future...

"Prophecy has enabled me to forecast for the long term including all promotional activity. This has allowed me to understand the true effect across all of my accounts for a 12 month period rather than 1 to 2 months as in the past."

Sales managers get value from Prophecy

"The sales team absolutely love Prophecy."

"We are in love with Prophecy and want to keep using it :)"

Comments on our customer support...

"Your backup service/ support is a 2nd to none ... well done !!"

"Many thanks for your support throughout the year. Prophecy continues to grow from strength to strength."

"Thanks for your timely reaction as usual. Very much appreciated."

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