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The primary developer of Prophecy was originally a demand forecasting specialist in the consumer packaged goods industry.  The thinking behind Prophecy is based on extensive, hands-on experience of successfully forecasting a very wide range of items, from jewellery products, through nail varnishes and make-up products to shampoos and hairsprays.  All these areas shared the challenges most demand forecasting practitioners face - promotions, competitor activity, seasonality, price sensitivity etc..

These demand forecasting articles and white papers therefore reflect extensive hands-on experience as a full-time demand forecaster.

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Demand forecasting in Real World Markets
demand forecasting white paper

This article is about demand forecasting in real world markets.

It is designed to summarise the thought processes and proven techniques of demand forecasting in business which form the inspiration for much of Prophecy's functionality.

The Case for a Specialised demand forecasting Software Solution
demand forecasting white paper

Forecasting sales is a vital business activity.  Inaccurate forecasts cost your business money and are disruptive to the achievement of targets and goals.  So why conduct the activity of demand forecasting in a sub-optimal software solution?

This article gives you all the arguments in favour of investing in a specialised software solution for demand forecasting.

The Role of Statistical Forecasting in Business Sales Forecasting
demand forecasting white paper

Statistical forecasting - panacea for demand forecasters or distraction from the fundamental issues faced by demand forecasters in business?  This white paper challenges conventional thinking surrounding the use of statistical forecasting in business and proposes alternative workflows to address the issues and limitations identified.

Applying the 80:20 (Pareto Rule) to Your demand forecasting Processes
demand forecasting white paper

The 80:20 rule states that 80% of your sales, revenue or profit typically come from the top 20% of your customers.

In our experience, many companies have not investigated whether the rule applies to them.  Frequently they find that it actually does!

Applying the implications of the Pareto rule to demand forecasting allows you to take big steps towards improving the quality of your forecasts and the productivity of your demand forecasting process.

This article contains a link to an Excel spreadsheet you can use to quickly check the 80:20 rule using your own data, as well as recommending in detail the changes to the forecasting processthat can be made, should the 80:20 rule apply.

How to Use Prophecy to Improve Your Sales Forecasting Processes
demand forecasting white paper

This article explains in detail how many of Prophecy's powerful demand forecasting and analytical features will help your forecasters produce better thought out and more accurate forecasts, plans and budgets in less time.

The Business Case for Prophecy
demand forecasting software - the business case

This white paper (PDF) explains why Prophecy is so appropriate for real-world, multi-user demand forecasting. It aims to summarise the business case for Prophecy in a single article.

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