Improve demand forecasting accuracy..
.. with Prophecy™! 

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Benefits for demand forecasters

  • Produce intelligent demand forecasts, more quickly, more effectively and with none of the tedious manual processes associated with using spreadsheets for the forecasting of demand.

  • Remember, business demand forecasters typically spend the majority of their time each month reviewing and adjusting the existing forecast in the light of recent history / new planned events.  They may only create a brand new forecast once during the annual forecasting cycle - i.e. a brand new forecast for next year.  The rest of the time they are reviewing existing forecasts.  That's where Prophecy excels and pure statistical systems run out of steam.

  • More than statistical algorithms! Forecasting monthly or weekly volume, value and margin by product  and customer requires much more than naively applying statistical forecasting algorithms. Prophecy gives your forecasters the improved insights, views, tools and information they need to productively apply their knowledge and interpretation of past and known future influencing factors to the demand forecast.

  • Appropriate and proven methodology for forecasting of demand. Prophecy distils many years of professional business demand forecasting experience into a purpose-built, powerful and well thought out software solution.

  • Puts forecasters and reviewers in control. Improve the recognition and reaction to new trends as soon as they start developing, spot inaccurate demand forecasts as they are entered and instantly quantify the financial impact of forecast changes at any level of product and customer detail on the overall sales plan.

  • Forecaster aids : instant trend graphs, automated forecast risk analysis, drilldowns, forecast at any level of detail, diary notes, time profiles, promotional scratchpad etc..

  • Accuracy analysis with a single-click - helps your forecasters identify and learn from mistakes earlier.

Benefits for your Business

  • Designed specifically for business forecasting. Prophecy users are currently forecasting vacuum cleaners, pet supplies, coffee machines and other white goods, cosmetics and more.  They all share the same goals - to get away from fragile Excel demand forecasting spreadsheets and to give the business forecasters the most productive environment for developing their demand forecasts.

  • With Prophecy, business forecasters will spend more time actually improving the quality of their forecasts and less time on the mechanics.

  • Forecast for revenue and profit as well as quantities. Instantly understand the impact of volume changes on the revenue and profit plan at all levels of hierarchy. Compare to Budget and previous years, all within Prophecy's powerful forecasting and reporting environment.

  • Team forecasting. Prophecy was designed from the ground upwards to allow multiple forecasters to concurrently forecast without the need for tedious manual consolidations. Workflow management (i.e. forecast, review, reforecast etc) is built in, enabling efficient coordination of the demand forecast process. Forecast changes from multiple users are transparently consolidated in real time.

  • Compare the demand forecast with Budgets, Plans and Previous Years. Demand forecasting is therefore actively integrated into business plan monitoring and delivery. Combine improved forecasting of demand and more controlled delivery of the company plan using Prophecy.

  • Rapid implementation. Prophecy can be implemented very quickly - it is not a major IT project! Data can be sourced from any ODBC/OLEDB data source or from flat files.  Prophecy data is held in standard, SQL Server database queries and can be queried/extracted using any appropriate software, such as Microsoft Excel, Access etc..