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A Proven demand forecasting Methodology

Rosettes for good forecasting

Prophecy is a demand forecasting software solution which will help your business managers develop better demand forecasts in real world, unpredictable markets, where statistical algorithms struggle to cope with irregular and highly variable sales patterns.

Here are some compelling reasons to choose Prophecy as your demand forecasting solution:

  • Prophecy is built on the proven experience that demand forecasting in the real world demands a more appropriate approach to forecasting time series data than simply applying 100's ofstatistical algorithms to it.
  • Prophecy's demand forecasting features go beyond the limitations of statistically-oriented demand forecasting solutions.
  • Prophecy helps your organisation to develop the best, most defensible forecasts, by providing the most insightful and helpful views and information about the forecasts to the people best qualified to forecast - the business managers.
  • Business managers will be able to concentrate their forecasting time on adding real quality to the forecasts, rather than the tedious mechanical aspects of forecasting - data retrieval, reformatting and calculation.
  • Prophecy supports demand forecasting from the 'bottom up' (i.e. by sku) or 'top down'. It gives you the control, power and flexibility you need to forecast, analyse and performance track your sales at whichever level of detail is relevant to you. It even lets you forecast sales from a middle level and 'rolls' the forecasts up and down the dependent product and customer hierarchy levels in real time.
  • Prophecy provides comprehensive graphs, goal seeking, what-if's, demand forecast scenarios. Plus,forecast accuracy analysis (which lets you learn from your mistakes) at the touch of a button. And much more...
  • Prophecy has a unique 'forecast advisor' feature to analyse your forecasts as you make them in real time and alert you to potential errors. Plus state of the art statistical forecasting on demand or in batch mode, by product, by customer, by time period and by business measure, to support the judgemental forecasts and provide neutral 'sanity checks' on the demand forecast. Prophecy instantly warns the forecaster when a forecast outside previous history is made, and suggests a more reasonable forecast.
  • Prophecy provides flexible, multi-dimensionalOLAP style forecasting, reporting and analysis, business graphics and automated demand forecasting risk assessments over large volumes of time series data, in real time, and without the need for cumbersome manual consolidations. All driven by the end user, using click and point within the Prophecy Client software.

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