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Adding value to Demand Forecasting with SQL Server

Data Driven Product and Customer Selections

Run pre-written, fully customisable SQL queries to select the products or customers you want to see in your Prophecy report / update screen, based on any criteria (using SQL 'WHERE' syntax in the background SQL).  The SQL runs in the background and the Prophecy selects the script they'd like to run via a simple dialog box:

Data driven selections dialog in Prophecy sales forecasting software

Ad Hoc Versions

SQL / Gannt Nuggets

History Override Management

Correct (override) sales history for out of stocks, outlier observations etc. and smooth out promotional effects in order to model 'standard' sales in the statistical and machine learning forecasting engines in Prophecy:

Prophecy history overrides manager screenshot

Enhanced Accuracy Measurement Reporting

In addition to standard, 'snapshot' accuracy measurement reports, SQL Server Prophecy also provides accuracy measurement reporting over multiple forecasts, as shown in these examples:

Alternate Calendars

Trade Promotions Planner

SQL Access to Demand Forecast from Anywhere

Because the demand forecast is stored in standard SQL Server database tables and views, you can extract any relevant data in any required format using standard SQL from Excel/Power Query, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Access or any tool which supports SQL Server database access.

SQL access to the demand forecast from Power Query
Example of a Power Query SQL against Prophecy's SQL Server database.

SQL access to the demand forecast from SQL Server Management Studio
Example of querying Prophecy's database tables from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.